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In my recent conversation with Omar Gawad, we discussed his journey into business architecture, the influence of his background in business information systems, and his passion for creating impactful business solutions. Omar's unique insights into the role of business architecture in strategic projects, particularly in the context of Egypt's 2030 vision, provided an engaging and educational experience.


Reflecting on my engaging conversation with Omar Gawad, it's clear that his academic background in business information systems has been a cornerstone for his successful transition into the field of business architecture. His studies laid the groundwork for his expertise in business analysis, system analysis, and technical architecture. Omar's passion for creating trusted business solutions that significantly impact daily lives has been a driving force throughout his career.

His tenure at IBM as an industry consultant provided him with a platform to work on strategic projects, contributing to Egypt's 2030 vision.

"IBM journey... You have to adapt very quickly to the market."
- Omar Gawad

This experience, combined with his role in the IIBA chapter in Egypt as vice president for certifications, has not only shaped his professional journey but also his commitment to mentorship and community involvement. Omar's ability to communicate complex concepts across various business levels and his strategic approach to aligning business architecture with organizational objectives are commendable. His insights into the importance of interpersonal skills over technical knowledge in advancing one's career are particularly instructive for professionals in the field.

Three key topics

1. Transitioning to Business Architecture

Omar's transition from business analysis to business architecture was a significant pivot in his career. He stressed that this shift isn't just about acquiring new knowledge; it's equally about honing interpersonal skills. His emphasis on communication skills—particularly the ability to articulate complex ideas in ways that resonate across different levels of an organization—was a recurring theme. It's clear that for those looking to make a similar transition, focusing on these soft skills is just as critical as developing technical expertise.

"Communication skills are critical in business architecture, and AI tools should not replace the need for effective communication."
- Omar Gawad

2. Strategy and Business Outcomes

Another key topic Omar and I explored was the importance of aligning business architecture with an organization's strategic goals. Omar shared how his work on strategic projects, including those contributing to Egypt's 2030 vision, required a deep understanding of the organization's existing capabilities and the creation of value streams. His experiences underscore the business architect's role in not just supporting but actively driving desired business outcomes through strategic alignment.

3. Working with Professional Communities

Finally, Omar spoke about the value of engaging with professional communities. His role as a vice president for certifications in the IIBA chapter in Egypt has been a cornerstone of his professional development. This involvement has provided him with opportunities for mentorship, networking, and continuous learning. For Omar, and indeed for many professionals, being part of such communities is crucial for career growth and staying abreast of industry trends and best practices.

10 Learning Points

  1. Passion Drives Progress: A genuine passion for creating effective business solutions can steer one's career toward business architecture.
  2. The Value of Experience: Exposure to strategic projects and diverse roles enriches one's understanding of business architecture.
  3. Continuous Learning: Staying current with emerging technologies and methodologies is vital in the field of business architecture.
  4. Communication is Key: The ability to communicate at different levels within an organization is essential for a business architect.
  5. Understanding Stakeholders: Knowing your audience and tailoring communication to different stakeholders is crucial for project success.
  6. Mentorship Matters: Surrounding oneself with mentors can provide guidance and accelerate career growth.
  7. Embrace Change: Adapting to market changes and evolving communication styles is necessary in today's dynamic business environment.
  8. AI as a Tool, Not a Crutch: While AI and emerging technologies are useful, they should not replace critical thinking and strategy development.
  9. Interpersonal Skills Over Technical Knowledge: While technical knowledge is important, interpersonal skills can be more impactful in advancing one's career.
  10. Short-Term Planning: While having a career plan is important, focusing on short-term goals can be more practical and less overwhelming.


Reflecting on the conversation with Omar Gawad, it's clear that the journey to becoming a business architect is multifaceted, requiring a blend of technical knowledge, strategic thinking, and excellent interpersonal skills. Omar's experience and insights provide a valuable roadmap for anyone looking to transition into this field. His emphasis on the importance of aligning business architecture with strategic objectives, the power of communication, and the role of professional communities in career development are particularly instructive for aspiring business architects. As the business landscape continues to evolve, the insights shared by Omar will undoubtedly serve as a guide for professionals navigating the intricate world of business architecture.

"Trust in your capabilities. Understand your edges. Understand your weaknesses as well."
- Omar Gawad

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About Omar

I have more than a decade of regional and international experience focusing on bridging the gap between the business and technical worlds through business analysis, proposition management (Presales), and Business Architecture. I work as a Senior Business Architect in the Strategy and Transformation Business Unit at Devoteam ME, helping clients build their digital strategy and capabilities for future transformation. 

I previously worked as a Business Analysis Manager at BVS-MEA Leading a cross-functional team in conducting research and analysis of solutions, business processes, and systems. I played several roles across e-finance, IBM, and Link Development, including Business Solutions Consultant, Proposition Manager, and Business and Data Analyst. My main role is building unique business cases that are helping people achieve more in their businesses!

I'm passionate about creating loved and trusted business solutions that help people ease their daily lives and achieve their objectives By utilizing my critical competencies in business architecture and business analysis. I improved products and services for our clients in Egypt and the Gulf region. 

During my career, I have demonstrated the ability to align strategic goals and objectives with decisions regarding products and services, partners and suppliers, organization, capabilities, and critical business and IT initiatives, identify business requirements, and translate them into complex analysis designs.

Having a cup of coffee with new people is also something I enjoy. If you would like to contact me, please email me at or DM me on LinkedIn.

The Analyst's Architect

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