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 Today I had the pleasure of chatting to Jignesh Jamnadas, Chief Operations Officer at Mosaic, about his Blueprints for Success.

As a Senior Finance and Operations Executive, Jigs (as he is known to many) has a holistic understanding of all facets of business and a flair for managing both people and processes. Having worked with Jigs, I was struck by his excellent managerial skills and his passion for helping people develop their professional skills and capabilities.

Don’t lose sight of the business problem we are trying to solve. 

Jignesh Jamnadas



Jigs is a family man with more than one business analyst in the home! He is well supported by a large community and loves being involved in functions, family, friends, and getting things done. He enjoys running and giving back to the community.

In our conversation, Jigs recounted his journey from a chartered accountant to his current role as Chief Operating Officer. His path highlighted the dynamic nature of business careers and the importance of adapting to new roles and responsibilities. Jigs shared the power of having an unbreakable belief, mastering high-performance habits, and surrounding ourselves with the right people.

Formalize the learning from lived experiences and learn from other people’s lived experiences. 

- Jignesh Jamnadas

Jigs stressed the significance of continuous learning and development, both formally and informally. He shared insights on how keeping up with new knowledge and fostering critical thinking skills are crucial for business professionals. This included understanding the growing influence of AI and technology and how these could be integrated into business processes. 

I am sure you will relate to these key points and the learning points that emerged, all of which are particularly relevant for professionals today.

Key Point 1: Unbreakable Belief  

The foundation of success, Jigs says, is having a complete, unquestionable belief in yourself and what you can achieve. If you lack true belief and confidence, you'll constantly second-guess yourself and struggle to take the leap into entrepreneurship or go after your biggest goals. During the tough times on your journey, it's a belief that keeps you pushing forward. Cultivate it early.

Key Point 2: High-Performance Habits

Once you decide what type of success you want and truly believe in, you then need the habits and behaviors in your day-to-day that will get you there. Little, consistent actions compound over the years into incredible results. For Jigs, a few key high-performance habits are: being an extremely early riser to get a head start on the day, committing to outlearn through reading and courses; and carving out time for strategic thinking rather than getting caught up purely in execution. It reminds me of what Aristotle said and I quote: "Excellence is an art won by training and habituation."

Key Point 3: Right People  

Who you spend time with shapes who you become. This is so true when it comes to success. Surround yourself with goal-oriented people who have character, who inspire you, and who hold you accountable. Have mentors who are playing the game at a high level. Their mindsets, behaviors, and wisdom will rub off in the best way.  

So how do we weave people, their lived experiences, with the intellectual properties that we keep creating with the use of new tools and techniques? 

Jignesh Jamnadas

10 Key Takeaways

  1. Be obsessed with serving people at the highest level possible. Success is a byproduct of the value you provide.
  2. Don't major in minor things. Stay focused on your goals and priority activities.
  3. Time block the most strategic parts of your work and life, don't just react to the urgent. 
  4. Start before you're ready and push yourself into discomfort. That's where growth happens.
  5. Mindset changes everything. Catch and flip negative self-talk into empowering talk. 
  6. Progress compounds over time through consistency. Small daily wins always add up. 
  7. Ask for help when you need it. Vulnerability is not a weakness; it's a way to learn.
  8. Recovery is key. To sustain peak performance, master your energy across the body, emotions, and focus.
  9. Have gratitude for exactly where you are while also visualizing your future.
  10. Make decisions fast, and course-correct often. Analysis paralysis kills momentum.


The interview with Jigs was insightful and reminded me of the value of adaptability and foresight in business. When I consider the integration of AI, the value of continuous learning, and the importance of core skills, it's clear that the future of business analysis and architecture is both promising and challenging. It's a field that necessitates a savvy and intelligent approach, which Jigs demonstrates through his work and leadership at Mosaic.   

As a parent and a business professional, I believe these conversations are critical for guiding the next generation. It is about providing them with the tools and mindset required to navigate a business environment that is both intelligent and constantly changing. Jigs' insights are not only relevant for today's professionals but also valuable lessons for future leaders.

Advice to my younger self: Must read not only that which will enhance what I currently do but that which I need for the future me.

- Jignesh Jamnadas

Feel free to share what resonated in our Blueprints for Success Podcast or comment with any questions!

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