Business Architect Salaries, Demand, and Career in 2023!

There is no way we can truly understand the future of business architecture but I suppose we can make some assumptions based on trends. Over the past few years we have faced major obstacles but also there have been great opportunities that have emerged. So, if you are wanting to be a Business Architect in 2023, what should you be thinking of?

The role of business architects is becoming increasingly important as organizations adapt to the ever-changing business landscape. As the demand for skilled business architects rises, it is helpful to understand the salary expectations for 2023. This blog post will discuss some factors that affect business architect salaries and provide an overview of the salary ranges reported by various sources. Additionally, it will examine the diverse backgrounds, education, and skills of business architects, as well as the impact of location, company size, education, experience, and industry on their salaries. 

Average Salary Ranges for Business Architects in 2023

I am always hesitant to focus the career on salary alone, rather I think it is more about your passion and competencies that should drive you. However, the salary offered is an important consideration.

When it comes to salary expectations for business architects in 2023, there are multiple factors to consider, such as location, education, and experience. Based on the data from different sources, the average salary for a business architect in the United States ranges from $109,000 to $183,872 per year.

Here's a table summarizing the salary data from various sources:

SourceAverage SalarySalary Range$133,139$121,765 - $145,064
ZipRecruiter$137,308(Hourly rate: $66.01)
Glassdoor$112,900$76,182 - $167,315
Zippia$109,343$84,000 - $141,000
Blog.gitnux(Not provided)$80,000 - $180,000

Factors Influencing Business Architect Salaries

Business Architect Salary in 2023


According to, salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including location. Glassdoor also suggests that location can impact the salary of a business architect, with California, Washington, West Virginia, New Hampshire, and New Jersey being the top-paying states. The cost of living and demand for talent in a particular region significantly affect the salaries of business architects.

Company size notes that company size can influence business architect salaries. Larger organizations typically offer higher salaries and more comprehensive benefits packages, while smaller companies may provide more flexible working conditions and opportunities for career growth.

Education and experience

Zippia explains that education and experience can impact a business architect's salary, with those having more experience and higher education levels typically earning more. For example, a Master's in Business Administration (MBA) or a specialized certification like the Certified Business Architect (CBA) can positively impact salary ranges.


Blog.gitnux notes that the industry in which a business architect works can also affect their salary. For example, the pharmaceutical industry pays business architects an average salary of $121,197, while the professional industry pays $119,351. On the other hand, the finance industry is the lowest-paying industry for business architects.


The salary of a business architect in 2023 depends on various factors, such as experience, education, location, company size, and industry. By understanding these factors and staying up to date with the latest market trends, you can make informed decisions about your career trajectory and negotiate your compensation with confidence. The table provided above showcases the average salary and range per source, offering an overview of business architect salaries. By considering the impact of location, company size, education, experience, and industry, you can better understand the factors that influence your earning potential as a business architect.

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