Business Architecture - annual BIZBOK 12 release updates


We are thrilled to announce our annual live session that will provide you with a valuable overview of the recent BIZBOK v12 release changes and learning tips for Certified Business Architect (CBA) Exam Preparation. As an accredited training partner of the Business Architecture Guild (GATP), we are excited to share our expertise and knowledge on this important topic with you.

The annual updates of the BIZBOK occur to ensure that the framework remains current, relevant, and reflects the latest best practices in the ever-evolving field of business architecture. These updates incorporate input from industry professionals and experts, addressing emerging trends, methodologies, and technologies to help you stay ahead in your career as a Certified Business Architect.

Please join Deirdre Caren from the Agora Insights Team for an informative webinar via Zoom. Deirdre has been running these annual BIZBOK update sessions for the business architecture community, and her insights are highly valued by professionals in the field.

Here's the agenda for our session:

00:00 - 10:00High-level overview of the new BIZBOK v12 release update
10:00 - 30:00Focused discussion on major change aspects:
a. Customer value consumption and value creation
b. Enhanced visibility into the role of business architecture in formalizing business-driven data architecture and software service design
c. Refined Dynamic Rules-Based Routing guidance
d. New insights into how TOGAF® v10 aligns to the BIZBOK's core business architecture domains
30:00 - 45:00Learning tips for CBA Exam Preparation
45:00 - 60:00Q&A session

The live session will run for 45 minutes, followed by a 15-minute Q&A segment. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to deepen your understanding of the BIZBOK v12 release changes and learn valuable tips for CBA Exam Preparation.

To RSVP, please register here 

Happy learning

The Agora Insights Team

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