Empowering Futures: Tamara Copple talks Business Analysis, Technology, and Transforming Lives at Children International


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If you want to understand how your work and technology can bring value to ordinary lives, then welcome to this interview with Tamara Copple, a seasoned and competent Product Owner at Children International.  Tamara is the dedicated lead on the development and delivery of digital solutions that enable children and youth to break the cycle of poverty. She is also a Senior Business Analyst with years of experience and expertise. And has a passion for growing the number of women in technology careers.  Our conversation spanned a wide range of topics, from Tamara's career journey to the transformative role of technology in non-profit organizations. It was a truly enriching experience that highlighted the intersection of business analysis, personal growth, and the power of technology to drive positive change to all. 

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Reflecting on my engaging conversation with Tamara Copple, it's clear that her career is a blend of dedication, confidence building, learning and adaptability. With an MBA under her belt, Tamara began her journey in financial services, where she embraced the role of a junior Business Analyst. Her path has been marked by a commitment to continuous learning, a trait that has propelled her through various roles and into her current position at Children International. Here, she combines her analytical prowess with a passion for community impact, leveraging technology to improve the lives of children globally.

Tamara's involvement with professional organizations is another facet of her career. As the membership chair of Kansas City Women in Technology, she advocates for women in the tech industry, providing support and mentorship. Her active participation in these groups not only underscores her dedication to professional growth but also her belief in the power of community and networking for career advancement.

"Join a professional development organization."
- Tamara Copple.

Throughout her career, Tamara has navigated business analysis and product ownership, demonstrating that the right mix of skills, continuous improvement, and community engagement can lead to a fulfilling and impactful career.

3 Key Topics

1. Career Development and Networking

Tamara's emphasis on networking and professional development hit a chord with me. Her own journey demonstrates how building a network can be transformative, providing support, mentorship, and opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach. It serves as a reminder that professional development is about more than just what you know; it is also about who you know and who knows you. Tamara's experience shows how the relationships we cultivate can lead to our next big opportunity. It is clear that investing time in networking is not only beneficial, but also necessary.

"You cannot be hired as easily by people who don't know you."
- Tamara Coplle.

2. Technology in Non-Profit Organisations

Tamara's work with DIGICORE, a Microsoft Power Platform-based tool, demonstrated the critical role technology plays in non-profit organisations such as Children International. The ability to adapt and use technology to connect sponsors and children during the pandemic was nothing short of revolutionary. This example serves as a powerful reminder of how technology can be used to solve real-world problems while improving communication and efficiency, even in the face of global challenges. It's a lesson in innovation and adaptability that applies to any organisation facing change.

3. Change Management and Organisational Transformation

Tamara discussed the approach to change management and the advice given by Children International's CEO at the start of a major project. "Give one another grace," the CEO stated emphatically during the kickoff call, and that became the tone they have maintained since the beginning.

Moving an entire client relationship management system to Dynamics 365 is a significant undertaking, and the project's success is dependent on more than just technological expertise. It necessitates strong leadership, a shared commitment to the mission, and an understanding of the human side of change. Tamara's reflections on the role of change management in driving successful organisational transformation highlight its importance as a core skill for any professional navigating the murky waters of change.

"Give and eventually you will receive dividends."
- Tamara Copple.

10 Learning Points

  1. Don't fixate on job titles; focus on the skills you possess and those you wish to develop.
  2. Networking is crucial; start building your professional network early in your career.
  3. Be a giver in your network; contribute more than you seek to receive.
  4. Join professional development organizations to expand your skill set, (combined with business analysis)
    and connect with like-minded individuals.
  5. Embrace change management as a critical component of successful organizational transformations.
  6. Recognize the value of strong leadership in guiding teams through challenging projects.
  7. Understand the importance of aligning technological advancements with organizational goals.
  8. Consider the ethical implications of emerging technologies like AI in your work.
  9. Be adaptable and open to learning new tools and methodologies, such as prompt engineering with AI.
  10. Always remember the broader impact of your work, especially in roles that contribute to social good.


Tamara Copple's interview provided valuable insights. Her blend of personal anecdotes and professional experiences serves as a reminder of the dynamic nature of career development, the enabling power of technology, and the critical importance of effective change management. Her dedication to making a difference, both in her work with Children International and through her involvement with Kansas City Women in Technology, is inspiring. As we all strive to navigate our professional paths, Tamara's experiences remind us of the importance of staying adaptable, building strong networks, and keeping sight of the deeper purpose behind our work.

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About Tamara

As a Product Owner and Senior Business Analyst at Children International, Tamara leads the development and delivery of digital solutions that empower children and youth to break the cycle of poverty. She collaborates with cross-functional teams, stakeholders, and users to define, prioritize, and validate the product vision, roadmap, and features, using agile and design thinking methods.

She is a community leader with a penchant for connecting professionals wherever she goes. Tamara is passionate about community building and an evangelist for growing the number of women in technology careers. She enjoys problem solving, public speaking, developing and delivering training, ‘just enough’ documentation, and contributing to high-functioning Agile teams.

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