Business Requirements using AI (ChatGPT) - Webinar

 This month we had one of the most exciting webinar series yet! Deirdre Caren from Agora Insights hosted a webinar about using artificial intelligence (AI) to gather accurate business requirements. It's a highly-discussed topic, and attendees could get insights into some important questions like

"Will AI take over the Business Analyst role?"


"How do we stay relevant in a rapidly changing landscape?"

The process Deirdre explained during the webinar was based on "The Knowledge Brief" part 7. However, she emphasized that understanding the previous six parts is crucial since they provide context for the organization's needs. Without this context, businesses can't harness the full potential of AI technology.

Deirdre also discussed the potential role of AI in business analysis. While AI can provide insight into information, it lacks the creativity and context of human problem-solving abilities.

Attendees agreed that business analysts could still play a crucial role in utilizing AI tools for data analysis and using their intuition and experience to stay relevant in the fast-changing world. By combining business analysis practices with AI technology, business analysts can improve project outcomes.

The webinar was informative and motivating, encouraging attendees to keep up with technological advancements and understand their advantages and limitations. Deirdre's insights based on "The Knowledge Brief" part 7 highlighted the importance of context and its significant impact on the successful use of AI technology in business analysis.

Here are the 5 tips for business analysts that come from this session:

  1. Understand the "The Knowledge Brief®" parts 1-6 to provide context for your organization's needs.
  2. Develop a solid understanding of the business analysis profession through certification and training.
  3. Use AI as a supplement to your skills, not as a replacement.
  4. Combine business analysis practices with AI technology to improve project outcomes.
  5. Keep up with technological advancements and understand their advantages and limitations.
"Thanks Deirdre, that was an inspiring presentation. It's important to keep up with technology and understand the advantages and disadvantages of it" – Graeme Wilson

Happy learning

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