Women and Business Analysis

We are here to acknowledge the significant contributions that women in Business Analysis have delivered. We would also like to take this opportunity to honour and celebrate the strong and supportive women that have influenced us not only in our personal lives but also in our careers.

For this week's round up, we have curated a number of interesting things around women and Business Analysis.

We hope you find them helpful! 

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1: 50% of Business Analyst professionals*

Is this a surprise to you?

2: Female Business Analysts earn higher salaries than their male colleagues*

The global average salary in 2018 for women in business analysis was 3% higher than the average salary for men. In 2019, it was 2% higher. This proves that the business analysis field is welcoming to female practitioners and offers room for professional growth and promotion.


3: 3 Tips for advancing your careers as a woman in Business Analysis

Here are some ways you can further your career as a woman:

1) Network fearlessly

2) Recognize imposter syndrome

3) Ask questions


4. Entrepreneurship and Business Analysis

Last but not least, we would like to celebrate Agora Insight's Founder and Director, Deirdre Caren -- thank you for your vision and foresight to build a platform that gives Business Analyst and Business Architect professionals to learn, grow their career and get the insights and support they need to become successful in their chosen field through certification training.

*Source: IIBA's Global State of Business Analysis Report


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