What Business Analysts need to know about Cybersecurity Requirements

 In this free webinar, Agora Insights Senior Instructor, Andrew Robins discussed the recent spate of cybersecurity attacks and what the organisations could do to protect themselves better. 

Andrew uses the SolarWinds cyber attack as a particular example, where he covers the extent of the security breach and how it was discovered. He also discussed how this breach could be prevented in the future. 

Watch the recording below:

Below is an overview on IIBA®-CCA Cybersecurity certification for Business Analysts.

Andrew is the Senior Instructor for Agora Insights' IIBA®-endorsed CCA Cybersecurity Master Class. A free course preview is available when you sign up before deciding if you want to purchase the course bundle. Watch Andrew's short introduction about the course below:

To preview some of the webinars we have hosted in the past, go to: Agora Insights webinars.

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