I am a Business Architect, now what?


I am a Business Architect, now what?

In this casual webinar we invited Daniel Lambert to share some of his experiences, working in the field of Business Architecture, of what individual can expect when they become an Business Architect. The intention of this session is provide advice from lessons learnt across multiple industries where Business Architecture can be found, to answer the question "I am a Business Architect, now what?".

Why Use Business Architecture

Foremost, it's very profitable
  • Priorities are set more quickly focusing on the most profitable initiatives first.
  • Agile project planning is more accurate, less risky and takes less time.
  • Usually Excellent ROI.

Other Reasons:

  • Aligns easily to (horizontal & vertical) strategy views with cohesion to all business units, or departments,
  • Measures strategy implementation through capability mapping on a continuous basis,
  • Improves decision making by lowering risk with impact analysis,
  • Increases employee engagement by setting proper boundaries, making it save and productive for employees to take independent actions and make them more autonomous,
  • Increases operational efficiency, and
  • Increases your agility in both your business and IT execution.
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Thank you Daniel for sharing your experiences and providing answers to our questions.

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