Business Strategy Modelling to address Stakeholder Concerns


What is Business Strategy Modelling?

A process to connect customers to your strategies

In the following set of videos on business strategy modelling, Karl Stanley illustrates a valuable method to address stakeholder concerns. The following parts are covered:

  • Why modelling?
  • What capabilities do target customers see as important?
  • What capabilities am I investing in now?
  • The gaps between strategic investment and what customers want

So lets get started...

Why Modelling

We use models to test solutions to problems

As business strategists we are dealing with complex ongoing concerns from our stakeholders, we can use models to gain a niche like perspectives. Using models are a great method for communicating our business strategies.

The Business Model Canvas

We are looking at this model to identify what our customers see as important.

By connecting customers to our business capabilities, we can identify the important capabilities from the customer's perspective.

The Business Motivation Model

What capabilities am I investing in now.

We have connected projects to business capabilities. We have established that tactics are projects and therefore the current spend on capabilities (people, process, information and tools) and objectivesconnect to business capabilities.

Providing Valuable Insights

Ensuring our business investments align with our customer expectations.

By having both the customer perspective (using the Business Model Canvas) and the business perspective (using the Business Motivation Model) intersecting on business capabilities, we can identify where there are gaps and alignment. This provides the answers to the the business concerns regarding miss-alignment.


This approach to business strategy modelling connects our customers to our strategies. It shows the value of strategy modelling, by displaying different perspectives and allowing us to "connect the dots". It provides a method to communicate the business stakeholders concerns with more ease and clarity.  

Check out more of Karl's videos on his channel Enterprise Architecture Visual Modeling, and like & subscribe.

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