10 Tips to Prepare & Pass the CBAP Exam

 You've decided to invest in yourself and your career by obtaining the CBAP® business analysis certification. What should you do to ensure your success in studying for and passing your exam?

We have listed the following tips to help prepare and pass the CBAP® Exam:

1. Assess your skills and work experience. Do you meet the eligibility requirements to apply for and sit the Exam? 

BABOK v3 Guide

2. Get the BABOK® v3 Guide. Make sure you have this guide handy as the exam will be based on the Guide. You can purchase this at the IIBA Bookstore or if you're an IIBA® member, you get this resource for free!

3. Sign up to an IIBA®-endorsed Certification training course. This is important as it not only helps in preparing for the Exam but you will also earn the required professional development hours that you need to submit to the IIBA® with your Certified Business Analysis Professional application. 

Agora Insights has the highly regarded CBAP Master Class that you should consider for your training. We offer a free preview on all our courses! 

Agora Insights CBAP Master Class certification training bundle inclusions

4. Prepare a Study Plan - A study plan is basically a scheduling spreadsheet where you can schedule when you'd like to study each module. The Scheduling Study Plan is a free handout that comes with the CBAP Master Class.

CBAP mock exam simulator

5. Practice using Mock Exam Simulators - as one of our learners advised (quote above), "...taking the practice tests to solidify my understanding of the material and identify my gaps".

6. List all BABOK® Terms & Concepts - List the terms & concepts and write down an explanation for each based on your understanding, then go through the CBAP Mock Exam drills to test your understanding.

Agora Insights CBAP master class community forum

7. Join study groups - Your local IIBA® Chapter would normally have a study group that you can join, but in the absence of this you can participate in the Community Forum when enrolled in our Master Class certification courses.

8. Watch free webinars on CBAP®-related topics - Agora Insights organised this free webinar in 2020 where the following topics were discussed:

  • Preparing for the Exam
  • Challenges and things to consider
  • Readiness assessment - are you ready to sit the exam?
  • Why every senior BA should get their CBAP®

9. Get 1-on-1 coaching - Reach out to your course trainer for some 1-on-1 coaching. Some certification training courses offer this. This service is available with our CBAP Master Class Bundle.

10. Do's & Don't during the Exam - find out what you're meant to do during the Exam. The above webinar outlines some helpful tips on what you're allowed to have during the exam and what the proctor is going to check. Depending on the test type you have selected, In-person or Online, the requirements might be different. 


I am sure there are many more tips but here's our top 10. If you have any other tips to share, please send it our way.

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