4 Smart Ways To Say “NO” To A Business Request

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7 Responses

  1. Good post.

    I would like to add couple of points here.

    If the client/customer is insisting to implement the new requirement and if we do not know the impact of it, it is always better to do it phases (something like a Pilot phase).

    Saying 'NO' also depends on the type of stakeholder you are dealing with.In the interest of the project try to identify the stakeholder before saying 'No.

  2. Appreciate your comment!

  3. Good post!

    An additional 'care' for saying 'No':

    An ideal BSA (working from IT side) could respond to client's new as well as high prioritized requirement saying, "We will certainly accomplish the new and the most important requirement as the first item to be addressed in the next release IN ORDER to respect y(our) agreed dead line for this release which is the existing foremost highest-requirement', to be met with".

  4. Totally agree with you svisweswaran! every BA has their own trick to manage such situations. But simply saying Yes to everything causes big problem at later stage.

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